Pets On Prozac

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Pets on Prozac

How come Fido is in such a flap?

Is Fifi just having a dog day afternoon, or maybe it's something more serious?

The Sydney Morning Herald's Mark White wrote this very insightful story on our pets and their anxieties - best of all he spoke with some great experts on the topic including Veterinary Behaviourst Dr Kersti Seksel.


"Until a few decades ago, animals were believed to act purely on instinct - like wind-up toys, all body and no mind. Mainstream science rejected the notion that animals have feelings, citing unscientific anthropomorphism: attributing human characteristics to non-human beings.

However, that is being challenged by a growing body of research suggesting animals can think, feel and act morally: bees can get depressed, rats show empathy and laugh when they're tickled, chimpanzees and elephants can get post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and fruit flies can display attention deficit hyperactivity disorder-type behaviour. Humans, it seems, are but one element in an intricate, planetary web of emotional being."

Read More:

This is a very insightful story and can be read in full here including some great videos!


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