Puppy in Backyard Trouble

Mac, an 8-week-old Beagle puppy, got himself into serious trouble last week when he snacked on the Brunfelsia plant in his backyard. His owners heard a yelp and discovered Mac seizing, and raced him to the Animal Referral Hospital in Homebush.

Unfortunately, the anti-seizure drugs administered to Mac to stop the convulsions did not work, so the puppy had to be put under general anaesthetic with a breathing tube for 24 hours, explains Dr Park.

It took some time for Mac to wake up and another few days before he was able to eat and walk, although, still wobbly. The cause of the seizures became apparent when Mac emptied his bowels, revealing the remains of the poisonous plant.

“We don’t know how much he would have eaten, but it was quite a large amount based on the amount of plant material in his stool,” she says. “Mac was very lucky he made a full recovery. If he hadn’t come so quickly and had continued to seizure, he could have died.”

Mac is finally well enough to go home this week and he can hardly wait! “He’s boisterous and vocalising, telling us all he wants to go home!” laughs Dr Park.


For more information or media interviews:

Troy James, General Manager

Animal Referral Hospital

E. t.james@arhvets.com

W 02 9199 8983

M 0410 647 974


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