Veterinarians Warn Easter Goodies Toxic To Pets

What do chocolate eggs, Lillies and hot cross buns have in common? Easter goodies and an emergency trip to the vet!

Many family pets end up in veterinary hospitals over Easter due to poisoning, says Dr Sarah Goldsmid, specialist small animal surgeon from Sydney’s Animal Referral Hospital, Australia’s leading 24-hour veterinary hospital.

“Chocolate poisoning in dogs is a big problem, particularly dark chocolate, which contains a higher level of the toxin ‘theobromine’,” she says. “Dogs with chocolate poisoning can get anxious, hyperactive, start vomiting, diarrhoea and potentially collapse and die.”

Felines are less prone to eating chocolate as they are unable to taste sweetness.

“Cats are more prone to getting into trouble with Easter decorations, such as eating foil or strings, which can cause obstruction of their gut and make them vomit, sometimes requiring surgery,” says Dr Goldsmid.

Easter Lilies are also extremely toxic to cats. One bite of the plant – leaf, flower or stem – can kill a cat by sending them into kidney failure!

“Grapes, sultanas or raisins are also toxic to dogs, so make sure you keep hot cross buns out of reach, as even one or two buns can be a problem,” she adds.

Pets eating leftovers, ham bones and other cooked bones can also be dangerous. Fatty meals can cause life-threatening pancreatitis and bones can cause death by choking. Also, onions and garlic can destroy a dog’s red blood cells, leading to anaemia.

“Keep pets away from Easter treats and avoid unnecessary trips to the vet,” says Dr Goldsmid. “For more advice, contact your local vet.”


For more information or media interviews:

Troy James, General Manager

Animal Referral Hospital


W 02 9199 8983

M 0410 647 974

Image Source: By aussiegall from sydney, Australia - Easter Egg Hunt, CC BY 2.0,


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