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ARH is excited to offer a wide range of advanced clinical dental and oral surgery services to small animal practices and their patients. 

Options for saving teeth include root canal therapy, advanced periodontal surgery, restorative surgery (fillings) and orthodontic treatment of teeth.

Our philosophy is that every pet deserves a healthy, pain-free mouth, and we strive to provide the latest and best treatment options for all dental and oral diseases, including the following:

  • Broken, damaged or discoloured teeth
  • Overshot or undershot jaws
  • Base narrow canines
  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • Feline tooth resorption
  • Unerupted or impacted teeth
  • Chronic gingivostomatitis
  • Chronic ulcerative paradental stomatitis (CUPS)
  • Oral and facial trauma
  • Oral tumours
  • Difficult extractions
  • Dental procedures in patients with an increased anaesthetic risk


Dental Radiology and Advanced Imaging

Our state of the art digital x-ray system is a crucial tool in the rapid diagnosis of all dental and oral problems. We also have in-house access to CT and MRI technology, providing the most advanced on-the-spot oral imaging options in the Sydney region.


Periodontal Disease Management

It’s not just about bad breath or red gums. Periodontal disease is THE most common health problem in dogs and cats, causing both oral pain and systemic infection. While most pets can maintain a healthy mouth through a program of professional dental cleaning (available at most vet hospitals) and dental homecare, some dogs and cats really struggle with oral infection.

We can provide detailed assessment and management plans, and offer advanced alternatives to extraction, including closed and open root planing, subgingival curettage and gingival flap surgery.


Extraction Surgery

Difficult extractions such as canines and carnassial teeth can be performed relatively quickly using advanced surgical techniques. This is especially important in elderly or unwell patients where a shorter anaesthetic time is very important, or when a large number of teeth need to be extracted.

We use local nerve block techniques and advanced pain management to make recovery as smooth and comfortable as possible, with many patients returning home and eating the same day.


Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

As in humans, broken and damaged teeth are a source of chronic pain and infection for animals. Endodontic therapy is an alternative to difficult or traumatic extraction of important teeth such as the canines and carnassial teeth, allowing the tooth to be saved and function to be retained. Root canal therapy is the most common procedure, however in some cases (especially in young animals when the damage is very recent) vital pulpotomy and direct root capping procedures offer a less invasive alternative.

We have state-of-the-art rotary (power) endodontic equipment to minimise the time required under anaesthesia, and can perform endodontic procedures as a single day surgery in almost all cases.


Orthodontic Treatment

Due to growth problems, trauma or disease, some pets have malocclusions, where the normal alignment of the jaws and teeth is disrupted. This includes undershot or overshot jaws, base narrow canines and wry bite. In some cases this is only a cosmetic issue, and treatment is not recommended for these pets. However, in many animals life-long pain and infection can result from poorly aligned teeth damaging the gums, hard palate or other teeth.

We can offer a range of solutions, from extraction or crown reduction (surgical tooth shortening) through to use of orthodontic appliances.



Although dental caries are rare in pets (unlike in humans), injuries or developmental problems can lead to exposure of dentine, causing significant dental sensitivity and risk of tooth infection and death. Dental sealants and white fillings (just like the ones used in humans) can prevent sensitivity and protect teeth, avoiding the need for extraction.



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