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Homebush NSW
250 Parramatta Rd
NSW 2140

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02 9758 8666

Baulkham Hills NSW
19 Old Northern Rd
Baulkham Hills
NSW 2153

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02 9639 7744

Gosford NSW
U3, 401 Manns Rd
West Gosford
NSW 2250

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02 4323 3886

Canberra ACT
2 Yallourn St
ACT 2609

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02 6280 6344

Brisbane QLD
532 Seventeen Mile Rocks Rd
Sinnamon Park
QLD 4073

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07 3172 0593


Our team is led by qualified human physiotherapists with a commitment to continuing education in animal physiotherapy.


Our Philosophy

We believe in doing things properly every time and we believe that having fun while doing so fosters the right frame of mind to do things better in future.

When we make mistakes or face a problem, we learn from them and improve as a result. We like working as a team because it helps us balance our lives better so we can enjoy our work more. As a team, we can learn from each other’s strengths – by working together, our whole becomes greater than the sum of our parts. We believe in being honest and kind with each other and all whom we deal with.

As with human physiotherapy, animal physiotherapy aims to reduce pain, swelling and stiffness and improve strength, balance, co-ordination and movement.

In order to minimise stress and maximise quality of life for your pet, we are careful to use only the gentlest techniques possible to achieve these aims.

Research shows a variety of neurological, musculoskeletal and respiratory conditions respond well to physiotherapy. If your pet suffers from one of these conditions, please discuss this with your local veterinarian, who will be happy to refer appropriate conditions to our onsite Animal Physiotherapy team.

Reference files:

Physiotheraphy Introductory Pack

Muscular Physiotheraphy Introductory Pack

Neurological Physiotheraphy Introductory Pack

Orthopadaedic Physiotheraphy Introductory Pack

Muscular Information Sheet

Neurological Information Sheet

Orthopaedic Information Sheet

Assessment Form (Client)

Consent and Data Collection Form

Preparing for Appointment 

Progress Reports



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